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When the leaves start turning and the smell of fall is in the air it's Trophy Whitetail Deer time in Northwest Kansas.

We have over twenty miles of Long Branch Creek, Rock Branch Creek, and Sapa Creek. These areas provide some of the best habitat for Trophy Class Whitetail and Mule Deer available anywhere in North America.

All of our trophy deer hunts are free range fair chase!

Long Branch Creek Lodge is just five miles from the Kansas/Nebraska state line, allowing easy access and short drives to and from all of our blinds and ladder stands. We offer semi-guided archery, muzzle loader, and rifle hunts in both Kansas and Nebraska. We limit the number of hunters and carefully manage over twenty miles of some of the most pristine habitat you will find anywhere. Our goal is to harvest only mature bucks in the (135 class +) and with our hunters support and discipline we will continue to provide an honest opportunity for every hunter that hunts with Beamer’s Guide Service the opportunity to harvest a Trophy Buck of a lifetime. You will hunt from strategically placed Ladder Stands, Double Bull and Permanent Ground Blinds, or Tower Stands and in some cases you will be the only hunter that uses a specific stand or blind for the entire season.

Beamers Trophy Whitetail HuntingA beautiful lodge, first class service, and hearty meals await you from the time you arrive, until you head home with a lifetime of memories.

Kansas Whitetail & Mule Deer tags are draw only for non-residents and we'll help you through the entire process. We encourage our hunters to help us manage our doe numbers, by harvesting a doe during their hunt. There are no additional fees paid to Beamer's Guide Service all we ask is that you purchase your doe tag & provide for meat processing that you can take home, have shipped to your destination of choice, or donate.

Recently we put a long term Kansas Hunting Lease together (10 years)…a 2000 acre contiguous track & one of the Corner Stone Farms of the BGS Operation, and a Kick Butt Deer & Turkey Hunting Property…I’ve also secured a couple surrounding farms adjacent to (and look to add to those)… There are so many opportunities that open up with a long term deal like this, especially on the deer side of the operation…We have most of a five mile stretch of creek bottom North of The Lodge and within the past year we’ve put a three contiguous mile stretch of creek bottom together East of The Lodge, as well as the significant number of satellite properties on the Kansas side of the operation…Over 8000 Prime Kansas Acres with 20 + miles of creek bottom under contract, and counting…

Rates: Fall 2018
****We Only Take 16 Hunters Total Each Fall****
*Kansas Application Period for the 2018 Non-Resident Deer Permit Draw is April 1-2?, 2018

Muzzle Loader: Five Day (Semi-Guided) Hunt
Meals & Lodging Included - $4,500.00 Per Hunter
Archery: Six Day (Semi-Guided) Hunt
Meals & Lodging Included - $4,000.00 Per Hunter
Rifle: Ten Day (Semi-Guided) Hunt
Meals & Lodging Included - $6,750.00 Per Hunter
*****Sub-Trophy Fee*****
A $500.00 Sub-Trophy Fee will be assessed on any deer harvested that Gross / Green Scores less than 135 inches
All hunts require a 50% deposit with balance due 30 days before arrival.
Non-Hunting Guest: $200.00/person per day
Camera/Video: $250.00/person per day
Click here to visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

Kansas 2018 Deer Hunting Dates Available with Beamer's:
Kansas Muzzle Loader: Booked Beamers Trophy Whitetail Hunting
Kansas Archery: Booked
Kansas Rifle: Booked
Now Taking Reservations for 2019!
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Physical Requirements
As of Spring / Fall of 2015 we implemented a Physical Requirement Policy Standard … We needed to raise the bar for the Physical Ability of the Typical Hunter that books with BGS to: (Level 2 – Light to Moderate Hiking in Rolling Hill Terrain and some Modest Climbing Ability)… We currently have over 80 permanent Ladder Stands, Tower Stands, and Ground Blinds (set as needed) that require a reasonable amount of physical ability to get in and out of … What we’re finding is, Hunters that are Physically Challenged (Out of Shape, etc.) cannot get into or out of a good number of our Blinds / Stands safely or otherwise… this limits the number of options we have based on wind, sun and or other conditions as to where we can set those hunters … As a result, this limits our ability to put them in a position to have opportunities and be successful!!!

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Beamer's Guide Service
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